Claire Nielsen has been involved in compassionate healing, reiki, energy work, life 

coaching & counseling for many years.

Claire is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Healer & TFT practitioner, Body-worker, 

Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach.

Claire resides on a beautiful quiet ranch in north central BC with healing space in Vanderhoof & Prince George. She travels to neighbouring communities, other areas of BC & internationally to see clients & facilitate healing workshops.

Claire offers in-person as well as phone sessions for counseling, life coaching & TFT (for trauma PTSD & anxiety). See serices offered page for a full list of healing modalities.

Claire often teams up with other healing practitioners.

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Claire serves communities of Vanderhoof, Prince George, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser & Fraser Lake but also has clientele across Canada, the US, England & Mexico offering guidance & support via skype, phone & email.

A few times a year Claire facilitates spiritual workshops & healing ceremonies (both locally & internationally).

See Workshops & Ceremonies page.

Please email if you would like to be put on a notification list for up coming events, workshops or healing ceremonies, or if you would like to help organize one in your own town.

Very effective individual Phone Counselling and Life Coaching is available at a reduced rate

(skype or by phone).

Client appreciation & referral rewards system:

After 6 sessions, the 7th is complimentary &

The first visit of any referral from friend or family, counts towards

the existing client's 6 sessions as well as the new client's 6 sessions

Contact Claire to determine if her energy, services & philosophies

are compatible with your needs.


"I found myself in a state of panic and despair. A phone call with Claire (I'm in Ontario) eased me and lifted the dark cloud that was drowning me. I am breathing easier and see some rays of sunshine. Thank you... I look forward to continued conversations."

J Bracken

"Claire has assisted me in meeting my true self and opened me up to the wise teachings of my higher consciousness. Thank you with all my heart." N. Ford

"Claire is deeply empathic and kind. Her insights have been very helpful in assisting me along my journey. My Reiki experiences with her have been very powerful and her calm and gentle energy leaves me feeling peaceful and refreshed. She is a joy to be around. I recommend her for any type of nurturing she offers." P. Dom

"Claire is an old soul, compassionate and accepting. I have found the wisdom that flows through her to be very accessible. She has greatly assisted my inner transformation, changing how I see myself and the world. I recommend her to family, friends and anyone with an opening heart and sincere determination to grow from pain towards love."

Gary F.

"Claire has been a light in the darkness for me at times when I felt completely lost. She has always guided me to find my own answers and to realize my own light within." C. Barrett

Claire has a deep sense of empathy and attunement and I found that she was able to offer clear and helpful insights into the issues that I was working with. Her work is gentle and respectful, and she was able to help me to feel safe and comfortable in her presence. I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Claire, and have found her sessions to be very helpful.” T. Blattner

"I received Reiki from Claire Nielsen during a time of great personal stress and imbalance in my life. During the session with Claire, I felt very safe, supported and comfortable. When the session was over I felt my deep peace, relaxation, rejuvenation and renewed commitment to honouring my self-care and balance. She is professional, gentle, kind and not in any way intrusive. I highly recommend Claire to others who need healing for highly stressed lives, and/or pain and illness and mental/emotional imbalances”.

N. Kitchen 

“Energy work from Claire relaxes me and takes my attention away from the pain. It helps me to change my focus and to approach my pain from a positive, healing perspective. The treatment makes me feel calm and soothed so that rather than focusing on the pain, I centre on something positive that I love and my body reflects that”.

E. Patten

“My sessions with Claire are relaxing and nurturing. She has great insight and clarity. Her energy is calm and loving and just what I need when I am stressed or need to unwind.” J. Clare

"Claire has facilitated some incredible deep healing for me during our sessions. I have had incredible loss, cancer & love betrayal in the past 15 years. Claire helped me get past my pain and get unstuck. Whenever I am really challenged, I know that a session with Claire will bring comfort and understanding to the situation. She is committed to empowering others to find their true sense of self and inner power.” R. Lehr

“I have had several Reiki sessions with Claire. Her energy is beautiful, safe and very relaxing.” I. Mutzner

"Claire's ability to help others gain awareness into their personal lives is truly amazing. I’ve had energy work performed on me by Claire and have also seen her for counselling sessions. She is a natural healer through and through. She is very knowledgeable about her practices, and through various holistic treatments she offers an eclectic approach to helping clients through difficult situations. I’ve had many friends and acquaintances work with Claire over the years and I have heard nothing but great things about her counselling abilities especially pertaining to love and relationships. She is able to maintain a level of personability and professionalism in the same respect, and after a session with Claire people are left feeling lighter and relaxed with the clarity and strength needed to do their own healing. She is truly great at what she does, and it is apparent that she loves doing the work as well." J. Roberts

"Claire teaches a method of mindfulness that is incredibly effective to help people find the truth and humour behind their attachments to stress, guilt, anxiety, resentment and all those negative emotions that get in the way of being a joyful present participant in this game of life. As a counselor myself, I always appreciate being able to de-stress with Claire and am open to her alternative approach on things, always bringing in humour and love to any situation." Dr. B. Alderson

“I feel a sense of pure relaxation when Claire works on me - something I haven’t felt in years. It is amazing how her gentle but forthright manner gets to the heart of an issue but she offers great advice on working it through in a loving way.” E. Smythe

“Very relaxing & enlightening experience. I felt very safe and could let myself surrender to the experience. Your energy holding the space for that was perfect. Thanks Claire” S. Portal

“Claire provides a great atmosphere and opportunity for deep healing to occur.” C. Miller

“I feel well taken care of when Claire works on me. She has great insights too which are always bang on. I trust her and find it easy to do the deep work required during my healing sessions (especially around forgiveness).” T. Kinnin

"Thank you so much for helping me finally resolve the trauma that has haunted me and caused me severe anxiety for over 50 years. I wish I would have known it would have been so simple and safe to do this years ago. I feel I can finally open to the rest of my life with optimism and joy. Thanks so much Claire. You are an angel. B.Tyner

"What I have learned about energy, our choices, mindfulness and gratitude from Claire has helped me so much in navigating through some tough issues in my life. I can always rely on Claire to bring a loving perspective to any issue." W. Adder

“My session with Claire relaxed me and prepared for some upcoming challenges. She walked me through a beautiful deep meditation that enabled me to let go of anxiety and come out with a clear head.”

G. Fettis 

“I was going through a very stressful time, and my session with Claire was very gentle (the best Reiki I have ever had) & brought an amazing amount of peace. I slept deeply for the first time in a long time.” R. MacDonald

"I can't thank you enough for seeing us last week. You really helped a lot! Things have been getting better. Even though it's going to be a long journey back to regaining trust, you have put us on the right track. I really enjoyed the whole feel of the session. It didn't feel forced - just felt like friends discussing problems. You also helped us get to some deeper issues we weren’t really aware of, but now we are it has helped so much! Thank You again!" J. Lepoidevin

"After experiencing devastating personal loss thrice in three years, I surrendered myself to the healing of Reiki. Claire and Cindy are two gifted vessels of healing (both are Reiki Masters) that must be experienced to be appreciated. Together they laid their hands on me to facilitate the healing powers of the Universe. Each woman brings a unique sensitivity to the healing table, and together they form a complementary impact. I walked away from the massage table with a renewed understanding of self, feeling both loved and loving. Sometimes our life experiences drain us of our perspective on who we are fundamentally, outside of those experiences; and Reiki can help to remind us that we contain the power to heal anything."

J. Serle 

“I feel well taken care of when Claire works on me. She has great insights too. Head to toe Heaven.” S. Mitchell

"Claire is great at what she does. I love sharing healing space with her. Amazing." K. Christiansen

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