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Following, is a list of services offered at Clarity Health & Wellness.

Often a client will come to the healing space without knowing what service best suits their needs at that particular time. After a short interview with our client, we will together determine goals, objectives & the most appropriate course of action.

(See STRESS TEST at the end of this page)

Clarity Health & Wellness Offers:

Special Offer - A Day of Pampering & Nurturing

Spend the entire day with Clarity Health & Wellness to cover any areas of health & emotional wellness that need to be addressed including: nutrition, hormones, conflict resolution, self-image, self-acceptance, empowerment, manifesting the life you want, individual affirmations, meditation & counselling. Any or all of the following modalities may be used. You are guaranteed to come away feeling refreshed, renewed, empowered & valued. You will take tools with you that can profoundly change your life. Rates for a full day are greatly reduced from the hourly rate. This is incredible value.

A Great Gift for Someone You Love

Energy Work & Reiki

(for Relaxation, Stress Relief & Pain Relief)

Reiki is a beautiful method of connecting with universal loving energy to bring peace & presence into the body. It is a simple, natural & safe healing modality, widely accepted in most hospitals around the world as a method to reduce pain, stress & decrease post-surgical healing time. We have been using Reiki at the Cancer Clinic for quite some time, with amazing positive results. Scientific studies supporting Reiki as an effective healing modality can be found at:

Relationship Counseling

Claire's method of relationship counseling is unique & empowering. She works with couples, parent / teen, & sibling relationships. Claire believes that we have chosen who we "dance" with in our human experiences in order to learn, heal, understand & evolve in the areas of Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Empathy, Compassion, Acceptance & Knowledge (of self & the human experience). Claire can incorporate spiritual work in this counseling or just the philosophies of mindfulness (knowing oneself) & understanding (the differences between the genders & generations). Clients of Claire find letting go of resistance to life to be a key in mental, physical & spiritual wellness.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching covers a broad spectrum of areas & treats the client as a whole being. All aspects of our body, mind & spirit are delicately intertwined. When we are out of balance in any area, we suffer in all. With the methods of life coaching the client will work with Claire to improve many areas of their lives including their relationship with their:

  • Body: Nutrition, toxins, allergies, vitamins & minerals, sleep habits, chronic pain, exercise & body image.
  • Mind: Relationship issues, self-sabotage, negative thought processes, destructive beliefs, self-worth issues, fear, anxiety, stress & healing childhood traumas & pain. Learning to positive energy & be Present in the NOW.
  • Spirit Full-filling a deep desire to re-connect to something more, a greater & eternal part of ourselves, making sense of insights, feelings & callings. Connecting to and feeling God essence within. 

Guided Meditation

Claire's method of guided meditation is combined with energy work to encourage letting go of negative beliefs & old attachments in order to align with understanding of Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion & Self-knowledge. This beautiful meditation brings the client into a deeply relaxed & present state, open to joy & gratitude.

Sound Therapy - Energy Work

This unique modality is very physical. The buffalo drum has a deep tone that resonates throughout the body. The client feels each beat of the drum with every cell of their being. Drumming encourages the client to get out of their mind & into their body, feeling incredible presence, relaxation & a sense of deep peace. Claire also works with rattles, singing bowls & a rain stick to energetically clear physical & emotional stress. The client experiences extreme relaxation & becomes very present in their body. Energy work with Sound has become one of Claire's favorite modalities.

Prenatal, Postnatal & Birth Reiki / Massage

Claire loves to connect energetically with the unborn child & offers a beautiful massage, reiki & guided meditation to encourage the mother's spiritual connection with the new life growing within. Claire is also available to offer Reiki, meditation & empowering support during the birth process, which helps with pain control & focus. Claire is mother of three herself & understands the emotional needs of a woman through pregnancy, labour & post-partum. Claire also offers post-natal counseling & support for those who may be suffering from post-partum depression (the very serious, often undiagnosed condition usually hidden from family & friends).

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling covers all areas of nutrition including:

     -Eating for your blood type

     -Allergies & what they look like (inflammation & weight gain)

     -Alkaline vs Acidic foods & how to find a balance

     -How to read food labels & what they mean

     -The truth about additives, nitrates, artificial sweeteners etc...

     -What cravings & addictions tell you about your health

     -Food combining

     -Vitamins & Minerals

     -Intestinal Health (our health begins in our stomach)

     -Cooking lessons with whole foods (organic if possible)

     -Revamp the pantry (tasty new food choices for healthier living)

     -Discover healthy delicious alternatives that the family will accept

Grief Counseling

Claire is trained as a hospice worker & has many years experience working with the emotional blockages that occur when one loses a loved one. Claire helps clients address & find peace with any unresolved issues they may have had with the departed. She will work with the client's belief systems to bring about a sense of resolution, acceptance, understanding & often forgiveness. Claire works well with aged population around loss of loved ones & the client's own fear of mortality.

End of Life Doula

Claire is trained in hospice & has many years of experience offering her services at the end of life, facilitating & fostering positive & loving energy in the home or hospital for family members & the dying. Claire considers this a great honour & is very gentle, respectful & loving in her approach. Much healing can occur for families during this time.


Claire's method of Massage is designed to bring relaxation to the body & mind, gently but firmly working out tension, stress & sore muscles. Claire believes that the massage experience should not only be therapeutic, but relaxing & enjoyable. Massage should bring the client to a place of deep relaxation, presence & peace, letting go of stressors & resistance. As the body "talks to us", Claire may use her intuition to offer insights around certain areas that have blocked energy.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

TFT relieves a wide variety of psychological issues, including post- traumatic stress, depression, guilt, fear, trauma, phobias or addiction. One can also use this method to assist in quitting smoking, curing cravings & supporting weight loss. This is an amazing body-centered therapy & one of the most successful worldwide in treating trauma.

“My spider phobia of was cured in 20 minutes!” P. Heller

Theta Healing

Theta is very effective at reprogramming deep negative beliefs held at the physical, psychological & spiritual levels. It is these long held sabotaging beliefs that limit & prevent us from reaching our full potential. Connect with your Divine Essence & find the "Healer Within".

All The above modalities can stand alone or be combined to offer the client the

optimum experience to:

Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate

Phone Counseling

Many people would love to be able to talk to someone who is trained to listen with intuition & compassion, but sitting across from a counselor can be intimating & too personal, so an appointment is never made. If you feel that you would like to share in a more private & anonymous way, where you can be sitting in your own environment without the scrutiny of the professional across from you, Phone Counseling may be for you. Claire has also had excellent results with TFT for trauma & anxiety over the phone or skype.

Phone Counseling is highly effective & economical.


(Please see page for Workshops & Ceremonies)

Focusing on Whole Health, Nutrition, Hormone Relevance, Weight Loss, Addictive Behaviour, Stress Relief, Conflict Resolution, Self-Acceptance, Connection with Higher Self, & Finding Inner Peace through Love, Empathy Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance & Understanding.

Claire's Counseling Philosophy

Claire's method of counseling is based around mindfulness & presence. If one understands what is going on in their mind (attachments, addictions, beliefs, past trauma, self-worth issues, disconnection etc.), they can start working on clearing & shifting negative mind-sets & beliefs that don't serve them. With desire & will one can change their thought process to one of understanding, acceptance, balance & inner peace. When this happens, shifts to wellness occur in the psyche & in the body. Claire uses many philosophies from Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Pemma Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Bruce Lipton & many other mindful based teachings.

Claire uses a very effective method to address & clear trauma. Past trauma, abandonment, criticism & childhood issues are most often the cause of negative behaviour & destructive beliefs about self & worth. It is possible & necessary to heal trauma & change these beliefs in order to find peace & happiness.

Clarity in any situation is the first step to finding a solution to any issue, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual; whether it involves relationship with self or with others. Claire may help the client explore some beliefs around worth or their life experience & use some CBT to retrain the thought process to more empowering beliefs to increase self-esteem, self-acceptance & harmony in relationship with self & others. 

Claire's emphasis is on Mind-Body-Spirit connection & the importance of balance in these areas. Claire encourages spiritual connection that is aligned with the client's own beliefs.

About Stress:

Many people don't realize they are stressed. They just know that they don't feel right. There may be an absence of joy in their lives. They feel they are "just getting through" their lives or "treading water". Something isn't right but they may not be able to put their finger exactly on what is bothering them. They often feel like a cork ready to explode...

Please take this test to determine if you have stress. If you realize that you are suffering from stress, there are some simple, safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical things you can do to change your feelings about your life, & effectively change your whole life experience.

You know you’re a good person & life shouldn’t be so difficult.

But even though you know that deep in your heart… 

Do you frequently neglect your diet or do you eat for comfort? (Y or N)

Do you neglect exercise? (Y or N)

Do you put things off until later? (Y or N)

Do you have negative self-image? (Y or N)

Do you try to do everything yourself? (Y or N)

Do you blow up easily? Are you easily frustrated by others? (Y or N)

Do you seek unrealistic goals for self and others? (Y or N)

Are your expectations of self or others rarely met? (Y or N)

Do you fail to see the humor in situations that others find funny? (Y or N)

Do you get easily irritated by family or situations? (Y or N)

Are you often accused of making a “big deal" of everything? (Y or N)

Do you feel that you are disorganized and barely managing? (Y or N)

Do you keep everything inside &/or do you have a feeling of inner conflict? (Y or N)

Do you have few or no supportive relationships (friendships)? (Y or N)

Do you get too little rest? Are you often tired? (Y or N)

Do you get angry when you are kept waiting? (Y or N)

Do you ignore stress symptoms? (Y or N)

Do you fail to build relaxation (unwind) time into every day? (Y or N)

Do you often complain about, or regret the past? (Y or N)

Do you frequently race through the day? (Y or N)

Do you often feel incapable of coping with all you have to do? (Y or N)

Do you self-medicate with alcohol or recreational drugs to take the edge off or calm yourself down? (Y or N)

If you answered yes to several of these questions, you are most likely suffering from stress & or depression.

Clarity Health & Wellness offers efficient & safe alternatives to drugs & traditional counseling. These methods are quick, painless, guaranteed & don't require "digging up the past".

Guarantee: If you don't feel a relief in stress by the end of the

second session, your second treatment is complimentary.

To set up a free consultation phone call please email: 

[email protected]

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